The Art of Genealogy

A list of the top ten problems that Augean solves with genealogial research.

1. Cognitive Accessibility

The number 1 problem I had with genealogical research was having to switch between screens.
You look at 1 screen, then you are expected to memorize what is on that screen when you switch to the next screen.
When I looked at screen 2, I had forgotten what was on screen 1.
I needed to see all the information on 1 screen.

Augean uses a large screen and a message board to display the information you need. Move the dialogs where you want them, just like a message board.
There is no switching back and forth between screens. No need to rely on memory, visually align everything, so, it is all on 1 screen.
The message board UI puts you in control, The layout can be changed to what you want.
The UI adapts to your needs, instead of you having to train your brain, to adapt to the UI.

 Go easy on your brain, genealogy should not be a memory challenge.

Augean works best on large screens, and uses a message board approach.
Display all the information you need at once, in a format you choose.
Avoid switching back and forth between screens.
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2. Visual Accessibility

The second problem I had with existing genealogy tools was eye strain.
Genealogy programs often try to cram all the information into a small space, this gave me eye strain - it really hurt.

Augean is a visually accessible application - A choice of over 1000 fonts, in any size.
Everything is driven by vectors - vector graphics and vector text.
No eye strain - Augean presents the information in the most visually accessible way possible.

Zoom in, change the fonts to any size.
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3. Spelling and Grammar

My spelling and grammar, need improvement.
I want to be a professional genealogist, but my spelling and grammar let me down.
Genealogy relies heavily on note-taking.
We integrated Augean with Grammarly - voted the best grammar checker in the world, as of 2021.
Check the spelling and grammar from every text field.
Grammarly is a billion-dollar company, with an AI stack to fix your spelling and grammar.
Seriously - Grammarly is a game-changer for genealogical note-taking.
I cannot accept any genealogical tool, which doesn't fully integrate with Grammarly.
 Augean also integrates with all other spell checking tool, that work in Chrome.

4. Visualize relationships

How to understand complex relationships?
Relationships are explained visually in Augean
Sometimes you just can't get your head around, the relationship, so we explain them visually using 2D and 3D graphics
For example, For Henry 8th - here is the 3D chart, unique to Augean.

  3D helps explain complex relationships, please try our live demo.

 Rotate the camera with the mouse. (Recommend using a mouse with a scroll wheel)
 Use the Mouse scroll wheel to zoom in / out towards the focus.
 Use the arrow keys 🡱🡳🡰🡲 to move around.
 Hold down Alt key and 🡱🡳 to zoom in / out ) - if your mouse has no scroll wheel.
 Right Click on a person and select Focus  to center / focus the person.

5. Low cost hardware

Expensive laptops were a problem for me. A good Chromebook is just $150 dollars, whereas an entry-level windows laptop costs $500.
Anyway, I need a computer that fits my budget - Chromebooks make sense for me.
Augean runs on (Mac, Windows, Linux and Chromebooks) x (Intel and Arm),
Augean on Chromebook is one of the most affordable solutions for genealogy.

Mac Chrome Edge Comodo Opera Epic Intel Arm Windows Linux ChromeBook Augean GEDCOM FamilySearch WikiTree Geni
 This vector graphics chart was generated using Augean.

6. Collaboration - sharing genealogy, without paying for subscription access

FamilySearch offer a free platform for sharing genealogy - anyone can create a free account.
Augean fully integrates with FamilySearch allowing for sharing of persons, relationships, events, sources, notes, discussions, and media

Augean offers collaboration via FamilySearch - a free solution for sharing genealogy.
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7. Generating high quality wall charts

I am very proud of my family, I wanted to create wall charts
But, the existing software I used, was not based on vector graphics and gave poor results.
Augean is 100% based on vector graphics and generates excellent wall charts.
Add overlays to decorate these wall charts, over 1000 fonts are available.

(Click on the image to enlarge)

(Click on the image to enlarge)

 The above charts were generated in Augean.
Augean, which displays in Chrome will print the vector graphics charts to a PDF file, which can be sent to a printing service

8. Access to the latest mapping tech

I wanted to use the latest mapping technology - Google street view is phenomenal.
You can view the streets your ancestors lived on, this really helps to gain a deeper understanding of the area.
We added full support for Google StreetView in Augean

Integration with Google Maps, is a central part of Augean
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9. Avoid proprietary database formats

I wanted to avoid proprietary formats for my database - preventing Vendor Lockin
What happens to your database, if the company stops releasing new versions?
Augean is a 100% GEDCOM database - which is the industry standard.
You can import from any GEDCOM program, without loss of information.
The Augean GEDCOM file - can be read by other genealogy programs.

Augean is 100% GEDCOM compliant
Preserve you genealogy in an industry wide accepted format.
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Also, I needed a database that can handle large files.
Augean, which is based on Microsoft OpenJDK is super fast, and handles large datasets with ease.
DatabaseFile    Size    Persons    Families    Memory usedAugean load time
ITIS Species DatabaseITIS.ged95 MB472,67665,799624 MB11 seconds
Mennonite AncestryGM2107MB.GED430 MB 1.48 million473,9922874 MB51 Seconds
2010 Catalog of LifeCoL2010.ged666 MB 2.4 million249,8673698 MB59 Seconds

10. Design interactive custom reports.

I needed to design interactive custom reports, I wanted a report with links that could be clicked on to view the persons or families.
Augean has a report scripting engine, which can generate interactive customer reports.

The report language is based on Javascript, which is the most popular scripting language.
Full access to the internal GEDCOM database is exposed through the scripting interface.

Custom reporting engine in Augean
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Some reports I wanted were just not available in other programs.
For example, the Augean Island report - unique to Augean - shows how your genealogy lines are partitioned.

Island Report, unique to Augean
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Augean solves many research problems with genealogy
We listed the top 10 problems, Augean solves.
Augean is a desktop tool, the data is stored on your local computer.
The simple but powerful web-based user interface provides a next generation genealogy research tool.